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6 Way Standby Saver USB

6 Way Standby Saver USB
Brand: Eco-tek
Product Code: ECOSSUSB
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ECOSSUSB By Ecotek - The Classic 6 Way USB Standby Saver as seen on DRAGONS DEN, Saves Money and Energy!

Your business could reduce energy waste tomorrow. The larger the business - the larger the saving

By installing a single USB Standby Saver, the cost can be recouped in months.

About USB Standby Saver:
  • Unlike other products on the market, Standby Saver completely cuts off power to all appliances plugged into it.
  • Standby Saver is easy to use and comes ready to go.
  • The USB version operates via a USB port on your home or office PC and uses intelligent technology to detect when your PC closes down.
  • Once your PC has closed down Standby Saver cuts the power to all appliances plugged into it.
  • Standby Saver is a 6-way electrical extension with two ‘switchable’ sockets allowing flexibility for appliances which may need to remain powered e.g. a router.
  • Standby Saver satisfies all applicable safety standards and carries the British Gas ‘Energy for Tomorrow' badge endorsement.
  • Standby Saver is boxed with a lead suitable for USB applications plus easy to use instructions.

Standby power usage of a single computer station when left plugged in and not in use:
  • 16 hrs per day for 5 working days = 90 hrs
  • 24 hrs per day for two weekend days = 48 hrs
  • 7 days total = 138 hrs
  • Standby power usage per week: 138 hrs x 32W = 4,416 Wh
  • 52 weeks a year: 4416Wh x 52 weeks = 230 kWh
  • Cost of standby power at 13.5 pence* per kWh = £31per annum
  • Annual saving using Standby Saver = £31 per annum per computer
  • C02 equivalent is 100kg per annum.
  • This estimate excludes holiday periods e.g. Christmas when computers are on standby for longer.
  • *average cost per kWh

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